My Big Mother 4 is out and available online at the Nobrow webshop. It's an edition of only 2000 hand numbered copies. Be quick.

Meet Randy Maelstrom, my contribution to The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery.

I got interviewed by Juxtapoz, read it here.

I'm on instagram: @raymondlemstra

Tiny Pencil interviewed me, click here to read it.

Robot love.

Sketchbook sessions, pure honest fun at Ltd. Edition in Zurich. (High quality image.) (Dickz: Ben, Nick & Sami.)

I made the uitvouwbare cover for Djbroadcast's festivalspecial this year!

The promotional drawing for my Circle show in Shanghai.

• TORPOR. I will be showing some works at AF Gallery in Cologne. Opening on the 2nd of Februaury.

• Fun times with my dear friends at PIPS:lab. Live created augmented reality with their Potator Tools.

• Painting at Costa Del Soul with Wayne Horse. The Random Awesome Guy / cinematographer in the frame is Menno Mans.

• New atelier.

• I contributed to No Brow 7 "Brave New World". Pre-orders possible over here.

• I contributed to the Beautiful/Decay Book 8 "Strange Daze". You can order it here.

• Allen Voor Een. I made some illustrations for Nike.
They explain how to support the Dutch National Soccer Team during the Nike A.V.E. campaign.

• TWEE. Lennard and I made this poster for our upcoming shared exhibition in Alley, Hasselt, Belgium.
Vernissage on Friday 3rd of Februari, 19-22h.

• Fyrst. I made this sculpture out of found objects at La Gaîté Lyrique for Pictoplasma Paris.

• The illustration I made for Nokia seen on the actual device.. Looks great!

• Use my Wetransfer channel to send files.

• Lecture at Pictoplasma NYC and Pictoplasma Paris.

• Interview on we make money not art.

T-shirt for BEAMS. Japan only.

• Interview on Beautiful Decay and The Huffington Post.

• A while ago I made a print for BRAVOURE.

The jumpsuit was spotted by The Sartorialist in Milan.

Off Centre poster in the streets of Amsterdam. Image by Posters in Amsterdam.

• Wayne Horse and I made a mural in Perugia, Italy. Image by Ekosystem.

• Nice post on BOOOOOOOM.

• Pictures made during the collaborative exhibition "EEN WEEK".

Guests: Femke Hiemstra, Wayne Horse, Jeroen Erosie, Stefan Glerum, Merijn Hos, Daan Botlek, Job Wouters.
See the works here.

• Nice post on Juxtapoze.

• Some photographs of my exhibition "Spring / Summer" at Pictoplasma Berlin 2011.

Details of Tin Can Phone I & II, made at Pictoplasma Berlin 2011. Acrylics on 'vintage' wood.



Photograph for Blend Magazine.


Raymond Lemstra x Patta x Keep.

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