Randy Maelstrom traveled to Mexico and is on display at Pictoplasma's CHARACTER PORTRAITS exhibition at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey.

Some of my drawings are in this lovely book published by Popper Publishing. You can order it here.

My Big Mother 4 is out and available online at the Nobrow webshop. It's an edition of only 2000 hand numbered copies. Be quick.

Meet Randy Maelstrom, my contribution to The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery.

I got interviewed by Juxtapoz, read it here.

I'm on instagram: @raymondlemstra

Tiny Pencil interviewed me, click here to read it.

Robot love.

Sketchbook sessions, pure honest fun at Ltd. Edition in Zurich. (High quality image.) (Dickz: Ben, Nick & Sami.)

I made the uitvouwbare cover for Djbroadcast's festivalspecial this year!

The promotional drawing for my Circle show in Shanghai.

• TORPOR. I will be showing some works at AF Gallery in Cologne. Opening on the 2nd of Februaury.

• Fun times with my dear friends at PIPS:lab. Live created augmented reality with their Potator Tools.

• Painting at Costa Del Soul with Wayne Horse. The Random Awesome Guy / cinematographer in the frame is Menno Mans.

• New atelier.

• I contributed to No Brow 7 "Brave New World". Pre-orders possible over here.

• I contributed to the Beautiful/Decay Book 8 "Strange Daze". You can order it here.

• Allen Voor Een. I made some illustrations for Nike.
They explain how to support the Dutch National Soccer Team during the Nike A.V.E. campaign.

• TWEE. Lennard and I made this poster for our upcoming shared exhibition in Alley, Hasselt, Belgium.
Vernissage on Friday 3rd of Februari, 19-22h.

• Fyrst. I made this sculpture out of found objects at La Gaîté Lyrique for Pictoplasma Paris.

• The illustration I made for Nokia seen on the actual device.. Looks great!

• Use my Wetransfer channel to send files.

• Lecture at Pictoplasma NYC and Pictoplasma Paris.

• Interview on we make money not art.

T-shirt for BEAMS. Japan only.

• Interview on Beautiful Decay and The Huffington Post.

• A while ago I made a print for BRAVOURE.

The jumpsuit was spotted by The Sartorialist in Milan.

Off Centre poster in the streets of Amsterdam. Image by Posters in Amsterdam.

• Wayne Horse and I made a mural in Perugia, Italy. Image by Ekosystem.

• Nice post on BOOOOOOOM.

• Pictures made during the collaborative exhibition "EEN WEEK".

Guests: Femke Hiemstra, Wayne Horse, Jeroen Erosie, Stefan Glerum, Merijn Hos, Daan Botlek, Job Wouters.
See the works here.

• Nice post on Juxtapoze.

• Some photographs of my exhibition "Spring / Summer" at Pictoplasma Berlin 2011.

Details of Tin Can Phone I & II, made at Pictoplasma Berlin 2011. Acrylics on 'vintage' wood.



Photograph for Blend Magazine.


Raymond Lemstra x Patta x Keep.

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wayne horse
femke hiemstra